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St Hubertus Lodge
1) Are you interested in becoming a Freemason?

2) Are you also interested in country pursuits or the sports of Hunting, Shooting & Fishing?

3) Perhaps you are you currently an unattached Freemason looking for that change to get you back in the craft.  Perhaps you are an unhappy subscribing Freemason who never attends his own Lodge, but who perhaps would like to try visiting a different kind of Lodge, which is often as good as a rest.

Join us on Face Book NOW! Or arrange to visit as we could be the group of like minded people for you to visit or join! If you are an unattached Freemason you are entitled to one visit, just bring your Grand Lodge Certificate & inform the Secretary.

"If you are interested in becoming a freemason & follow Country Pursuits, Supportive of Hunting, Shooting or Fishing then join our recruitment Face Book Group "Hunt, Shoot, Fish" where you will receive a warm welcome and meet members who you can openly chat to about Freemasonry" BUT first of all click on the Link "What is Freemasonry" to see if its for you. 

We are a keen bunch of just under 100 members, all interested in the above sports & recreations but above all Freemasonry.

We cover the following areas of interest but this list is not exhaustive ....

Hunting - Pest & Vermin Control, Deer Stalking.
Shooting - Rifle & Air Rifle @ Targets, Black Powder, Clay Pigeon, Archery.
Fishing - Fly, Coarse, Sea.

Other Field Sports & Hobbies - Horse Riding, Historical Battle Reconstructions, Conservation & Photography.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not condone ANY form of illegal hunting activity & WE WILL report any such incidents to the relevant authority.

St Hubertus himself was the protector of ALL animals & only took what he needed & nothing more, as a group of like minded individuals we wish to be promoters of good practice to which other outdoor organisations strive to emulate.

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Hunt, Shoot, Fish.
WELCOME to our online presence & we hope you enjoy your visit.
Consecrated 3rd November 2016
Please READ DOWN Before moving on it could be a life changer